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Confronting climate change is one of the significant challenges of our time. Scientific evidence warns that unless urgent action is taken to reduce the rate at which global greenhouse gas emissions are rising – and, in a few years, to reduce them – the consequences of climate change could be catastrophic for the entire planet. We also know that these negative impacts will primarily affect the poorest people worldwide and be most severe in developing countries.

River in the Forest

Climate and its effects

Climate and its effects are one of the main topics of discussion in the world community today. There have been conferences and debates about the looming climate crisis on the planet for several years now.

Scientific evidence shows that this has happened more than once in the history of the Earth. Of course, the climate has changed in the past, and even more than now. But never before has it changed so rapidly.

Everyone can observe more frequent and destructive hurricanes, freezing rain, heat waves, droughts, and floods on the planet. But, over the past decade, the number of natural hazards that cause tangible damage to the health of people and economies has more than tripled.

Scientific studies have shown that modern warming is due to an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. It cannot be explained by natural cycles but is primarily due to human activity: the burning of fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas – in power plants and internal combustion engines, the reduction of forests, including through fires, the decomposition of organic waste in landfills, agriculture, especially animal husbandry.

Let’s talk climate action

Make a significant effort on climate change.

A major effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change is needed now. The next decade may be critical for the future of our planet. Radical steps must be taken both in mitigating climate change and adapting to the inevitable consequences. Lest we face irreversible, catastrophic climate transformations whose effects are likely to alter the environment and our lives on this planet significantly. This could be a threat to the ability to access natural resources.

Attention must be paid to reducing emissions. The goals of reducing emissions would be noticeably achieved if all countries were to monitor their emissions annually, starting today, and thus reduce them by about 1.5 percent.

In addition to metallurgy and industrial production, which are the primary pollutants, so are gassed cities by automobiles. Therefore, the authorities of all countries of the world aim to transition all motorists to electric cars. It will significantly improve the cleanliness of the air of each region and country.

Road in the Mountains
Forest and Lake

Solutions to Climate Disaster

It is necessary to take care of the development of communities and involve all industry companies in creating clean technology, innovation and job creation, which will improve the climate and life in general. Thus, there are many jobs, which are suitable for the climate and the economy.

This is the creation of alternative energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, biofuels, ocean energy. It is CO2-free production of electricity and heat creation and carbon-free energy plants. To protect our planet from the effects of climate change, it is essential to reduce CO2 emissions and produce energy completely without CO2. Our renewable energy advantage with innovative technologies and their integration in every city improves the climate in Canada and the world as a whole.

Canadian authorities are creating various options for alternative sources to solve environmental problems across the country: hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, and ocean energy.

In addition, Canada recently introduced the Climate Action Incentive, a government tax designed to get locals to care about the environment and a cleaner environment, which significantly improves the country’s economy.

Many Canadian companies have also joined this initiative. They actively convert their production to a more environmentally friendly format and advocate for such actions.

Companies Reducing CO2 Emissions

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CPAWS is dedicated to conserving Canada's wilderness for future generations.
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BC Hydro Power Smart: Energy efficiency solutions.