Portable Hot Tub Range

There’s nothing compared to soaking in a chilling hot tub after a bustling day. Whether your muscles are soaring or looking forward to the stress-relieving benefits, a portable hot tub would surely facilitate your need to recreate.

Maybe one of the most appealing factors of decorating your home with a hot tub is the convenience of not setting off to a spa resort every time you need to relieve tension. Yet as inviting as it sounds, there are some necessary considerations to be taken before you proceed to the purchase.

While there’s an abundant array of models that provide cutting-edge technologies to suit your lifestyle, you need to take into account your budget and space that you are willing to sacrifice. Maybe the best way to get to know the mandatory aspects of a portable Jacuzzi is by doing some research on the matter. After all, you’ll only know what you want after you learn what the market has to offer.

In this manner, we’ve compiled some important factors to acknowledge when considering a portable hot tub:

  • How many people do you want to accommodate in your hot tub? Are you looking to fitting comfortably fewer people or would rather use the tub for parties? The size varies a lot between models, thus, tubs can accommodate from 2 individuals to 10 when considering a larger model.
  • A good filtration system. You should look for tubs that provide high-quality pumps and filters so that the water is bacteria-free and sparkling clean.
  • Fine massage alternatives. If you long for the full spa experience, you’d probably want to consider some massage technologies. Air jets are the most commonly used in hot tub models, but some hot tubs provide hydro jets instead.
  • An energy-friendly heating system. Some heaters consume a great deal of energy when they adjust the tub temperature. Get the best of both worlds by looking for energy-friendly heaters that maintain efficiently the water temperature.

For you to sort through the wide array of options that the market supplies, The Pool Advisors compiled a list of the best 2020 portable tubs. Maybe what sets apart these portable hot tubs from the rest is gratified clients’ reviews. Without a doubt, you’d find one that both suits your expectations and has high-end functions.

We did our best to choose our top-tier model from the list, and the Lay-Z-Spa Miami Air Jet Hot Tub made the final cut. To what due? Starting with the easy-to-set-up perk, this tub is as functional as it can get. The cartridge filtration system is easy to maintain and will probably last you for a couple of years. Regarding therapeutical amenities, the unit provides hydromassage, flow heating, digital adjustable heat, and air compressor for swelling. Maybe its best asset is an automatic on and off heating system which is controlled by a timer. This is advantageous not only functionally but also energy-wise as it saves some money off your bills.